Modular Spring

Wann: Freitag, 26. April 2024, ab 19 Uhr

Wo: Radio Helsinki Funkhaus Foyer

Free entry / freiwillige Spende

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Join us for an event featuring the newly founded modular synth community from Slovenia, Clockwork Voltage. A lineup of artists showcasing slovenian creativity and their work in contemporary music, live sound experimentation, and audiovisual creations based on modular synthesis. We will immerse in the evening of diverse musical experiences, where artists will showcase their unique styles ranging from contemporary compositions and improvisations to experimental noise performances. Discover a blend of sounds produced live using analogue synthesizers, tapes, modular synthesizers, and custom-built solutions. From dense drones to pure noise, each artist brings a distinct musical element that promises to captivate and push beyond.

Live at Radio Helsinki Funkhaus Foyer:

Clockwork Voltage (SLO)

Clockwork Voltage represents the momentum of the Slovenian community, which is united by enthusiasm for modular synthesizers. While we are witnessing an ever-increasing expansion and interest in creating with modular synthesizers abroad, a good number of creators active in various fields of art have appeared on Slovenian soil in recent years.

Andrej Kobal (SLO)

Andrej Kobal is active in various fields of contemporary music as an author of various compositions, improviser and sound designer. In addition, he is also making custom build solutions for software and hardware musical instruments and other interactive devices.

Kikiriki (SLO)

Nina F alias Kikiriki has been a musical performer for 25 years in different collectives. First as a vocalist and later as an instrumentalist, since 2009 as a solo noise performer. Focusing on experimenting with sound that's produced live, mostly with analogue synthesizers, tapes and DIY electronics. She was a part of many different projects, ranging from making music for dance shows, silent animations, films and documentaries, accompanying poets, making soundscapes for fire shows to live radio shows and sessions.

Dronišnica (SLO)

Dronišnica is an experimental audiovisual trio. Their sound is formed by modular synthesizers and heavy amplifiers, creating dense drones that can quickly transform into pure noise. Meanwhile, the generated landscapes visually deepen the atmosphere, which is subject to sound manipulation. The connection between visual and auditory creation transcends the digital space.

Rob Canning (IRL/SLO)

Rob Canning is an Irish musician, intermedia artist and educator. He has produced music for the concert hall, theater, screen and dance productions as well as working in a range of site-specific and improvisational contexts. Canning's live sets incorporate elements of dark ambient, noise, free improvisation, drone and contemporary classical often in durational settings.
clara klang (AUT)

Since 2021 clara klang has been DJing all around Graz. Her sets are characterized by a wide range of genres: Funk/Disco, Synth-Pop, House, Electronica, Drum’n’Bass. With her diverse sets she is dedicated to making people dance.

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