Bild zur Sendereihe Introducing Mo’s New Rap Album – „Interview“

Introducing Mo’s New Rap Album – „Interview“

Sendereihe: Snapshots from the Borders (Season IV: Re:fiction Radio)


In our new show Aziz talked with Mohamad Hussein: He started rapping when he was still living in Afghanistan. That is now years ago. Since then he escaped the civil war and the violence. Now he lives at Lesbos. There he just released his new album „Interview“.

This album represents Mo’s journey. From Turkey he went through the asylum procedure and further… Mo was living in the „Moria Camp“ at Lesbos for almost two years. This album consists the living experiences there – a collection from him and others.

The album starts with the song „Momento Moria“ that means: „Remember Moria!“, It was the worst refugee camp in Europe for many years for people who were trying to find refuge. – Mo

Recorded live at the 26th of September 2022 by the Team „Radio VC“, Mytelini. With Aziz, Mo and Tobi. Hosted by Gea, Radio Helsinki, Free Radio Graz. Final mix of the broadcast by Walt.

You find Mo’s music on Youtube, Spotify and Soundcloud.

The album includes 9 songs:

1. Momento Moria
2. Let’s Talk part 1
3. Interview
4. Reflection
5. Hobby
6. Nobody
7. Refugee
8. Let’s talk part 2
9. Azadi Azizam






Aziz, Gea, Mo, Tobi, Walt

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