Bild zur Sendereihe #37: Who, if not Youth for Environmental Justice!

#37: Who, if not Youth for Environmental Justice!

Sendereihe: Unpolluted On Air


Environmental activism in rural Slovenia has been, until recently, more of a campaigning, specific, localised activism. In recent decades, non-governmental organizations have started to address individual cases of harming the environment, changes in legislation, and also acted as agents of civic cases against harmful interventions in the environment. But maybe the biggest engagement has been the consequence of Youth for Environmental Justice movement (Mladi za podnebno pravičnost – MZPP), a Slovene movement that has joined the loud voices of the generation of tomorrow.

Timotej talks with co-coordinators of MZPP Maribor, Ivana Rataj and Rene Fras; they talk about the organisation itself, contacting the decision makers, reaching abroad and main challenges of the movement and environmental activism in general.

Voices: Timotej, Ivana, Rene
Montage: Janez

The show is in slovenian language






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