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Radio Ironie Orchester on online-tour

Sendetermin 22.10.2020 01:00 bis 02:00
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Das Radio Ironie Orchester von Radio Helsinki (RIO) wurde noch vor Corona-Gedanken gegründet, aber es traf unbewusst einen Nerv der Zeit. Waren in der Medienkunst die 90er die Zeit der Live-Online-Music-Avantgarde, so kam es Anfang 2020 zu einem Revival an Fernübertragungskonzerten, die ihren Ursprung weit vorher finden.
Das Telharmonium ist bereits 1896 zum Patent angemeldet worden und nutzte als eines der ersten E-Instrumente die Telephonleitung zur Fernübertragung.
Am 5.7.2020 spielte das RIO live bei Soundart-Radio in Dartington
in der Besetzung * Adina Camhy * Fabienne Hudec * Margarethe Maierhofer-Lischka (professionelle Zuhörerin)* Antonia Manhartsberger * Marcin Morga* Lale Rodgarkia-Dara *Nicole Sabella * Georg Wissa * Cosima Hubner *Mark Leahy

The Radio Ironie Orchestra of Radio Helsinki was founded in 2019 as  radio-phile orchestra structure, a collective of musicians and sound artists from several countries playing together over distance using open-source streaming tools like Jitsi, and combining acoustic, electro-acoustic and electronic sound within the medium of internet and
 radio. Its name is program - an ironic allusion to the tradition of the "radio symphony orchestras", realizing the spirit of collective music-making and on-air music distribution with the tools and aesthetics of our present times. The first performance of RIO took place at the feiminist radio day in October 2019, and it is been performing frequently on air since then (one recent performance can be found here:
 At p-node RIO contributes a performance themed on "Knotenpunkt transmission" (roughly to be translated as: isolated junction // transmission) - a sonic journey along fragmented texts that serve as junctions in the journey both of the musicians as well as the listeners, calling for connections over distance and questioning modes of isolation by listening in and sounding in together. "Knotenpunkt transmission" is a testbed on how to transform distance into something
fruitful, and while we never may be able to overcome all the distances and borders that separate us, we can envision paths, ways and crossing points where we meet and exchange.

Technically, our performance setup is self-contained, we use a jitsi meet channel that gets broadcasted to radio via OBS or another streamhandling client.


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Antivirus replayed
Radiokunst-Projekte im Coronawahn

Alle vier Wochen gibt Antivirus-Radiokunst einen Einblick in aktuelle Radiokunst-Projekte, wie von Radio Virus (aus Mailand) und vom Antivirus-Programm des DAB+-Senders P-Node (aus Mulhouse und Paris).

Lale Rodgarkia-Dara

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