Snapshots from the Borders

Repetition: Snapshots from Moria and “Camp-Life”

Sendetermin 13.09.2021 10:00 bis 11:00
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Escapes – We had a call to Moria: Talking to psychologist Roja. How is life in this refugee-camp? How does age, gender or heritage affect people in the camp? Facing “lack of infrastructure” in wintertime, for childcare, healthcare? How to deal with “time”, if you are in a waiting line without a prospect?
Arrivals – We also met Jordan. She is a nurse and worked in a refugee-camp in Austria. This interview shows the personal approach to people, after their escape, their emotional and physical scars. How to heal wounds?

With our hosts Peninah, Gea and Saif in the studio. Show was live on 24th of February 2021. 


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Snapshots from the Borders
Citizen journalism at Radio Helsinki

We are people who are commonly called migrants and asylum seekers. We want to cross borders set by definitions and get in dialogue with communities, politics, the economy, social and cultural life.

The project informs citizens that migration is a complex, multidimensional phenomenon and a political issue that requires efforts and concrete actions by people and organisations/networks at all levels of society.

Favour Moriba
Gea Gračner
Joseph Nallo
Peninah Lesorogol
Saifullahi Abdurrzak
Simona Ďurišová
Walther Moser

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