Snapshots from the Borders

Report from book launch 'Border Crossing Spielfeld: Grenzerfahrungen | Borderline Experiences'

Sendetermin 11.10.2021 10:00 bis 11:00
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On 10th of September Gea and Saif from Snapshots from the borders team joined book launch 'Border Crossing Spielfeld: Grenzerfahrungen | Borderline Experiences'  happening in Pavelhaus in Bad Radkersburg.


The book "Grenzerfahrungen / Border(line) Experiences" in German and English is full of experiences and perspectives of volunteers and other hundreds of people that committed themselves in winter 2015/16 to help the arrivals of refugees from Balkan route.

Accompanied with music from Ali Asaad book launch was happening on garden of Pavelhaus where editors Birgit Roth, Petra Leschanz and Sylvia Altenbacher as well as others connected to the publishing of the book were sharing some stories from the borders at that time and expressed thankfulness for all included in the process of publishing. 

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Snapshots from the Borders
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We are people who are commonly called migrants and asylum seekers. We want to cross borders set by definitions and get in dialogue with communities, politics, the economy, social and cultural life.

The project informs citizens that migration is a complex, multidimensional phenomenon and a political issue that requires efforts and concrete actions by people and organisations/networks at all levels of society.

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