SonorVox 107 - Powerwolf Special "The Monumental Mass" (17.12.2021 - 2.1.2022)

Sendetermin 30.12.2021 23:00 bis 00:00
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Die 107. Ausgabe von SonorVox ist ein musikalisches Powerwolf Special "The Monumental Mass"
(17.12.2021 - 2.1.2022)




Wolves, we are stoked to finally announce something very special that we have been working on the concept of for the past few months: The Monumental Mass – A Cinematic Metal Event!

Be prepared for a world unseen, a setlist unheard and a story untold! This event is not just a live stream, but a journey beyond reality. You will experience breathtaking visualizations, pyrotechnics in a class of its own and a multitude of fascinating and exclusive show interludes you have never seen before from Powerwolf!

We sincerely invite you to celebrate the monumental mass with us on the 17th of December! Visit for tickets and merchandise!



 ACHTUNG: Ab Juni 2020 findet SonorVox an allen ungeraden Wochen statt!


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