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Tag des feministischen Radios: Growing beyond rape. Cristina sharing her path. Trigger Warning in Description

Sendetermin 21.10.2021 15:00 bis 16:00
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English episode. Trigger warning: explicit scenes including sexual violence are being described. Cristina (name changed) is sharing thoughts and feelings about her rape experience, how she healed from it, what it means for her sex life today and how she stays connected to her body, mind and soul in the now.

Cristina: „What I want to make other women feel, is that we are strong and beautiful. And these kind of things [like rape], it’s not our fault. As a community, as being together we can not just get over these kind of experiences, but also help maybe the further generations to don’t experience something like this at all. And it’s our duty to speak about this. […] Just be brave enough to always say when something wrong happens around you and also spread understanding and love. […] Doesn’t matter if it’s a woman, man or non-binary. Whatever. We. Need. To. Take. Action.“

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hand aufs herz
Frauengesundheit, Feminismus und Spiritualität


Der hand aufs herz Podcast beschäftigt sich mit Frauengesundheit, Feminismus und Spiritualität. Er soll Frauen* dabei unterstützen, sich in ihrem Körper zu Hause zu fühlen. hand aufs herz ist ein Projekt von Carmen Kirschner, Schauspielerin und spirituelle Aktivistin für Frauen-Empowerment. Seit 2 Jahren hält sie regelmäßige Frauenkreise in Graz und Online.



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