Between the Jigs and the Reels

A celtic and world tour

Sendetermin 05.08.2022 18:00 bis 19:00
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A real celtic and world tour today, we have music from the Scottish, Manx and Irish cultures, before flying far and wide to Senegal, Ukraine/America, Estonia, Germany, Graz(!), Brazil and Portugal. Nicht schlecht 

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Between the Jigs and the Reels
Irish/ Celtic/ Worldmusic/ Other

Inter-Celtic; Inter-cultural; Other.

Micro: Around the world in einer Stunde, this hour of music dances, rolls and sometimes even races from Irish to Celtic, to World and - any Other type of music that just - sounds good!

So join the dance or pull up a chair and relax. Listen to chat in English and German with cúpla focal Gaeilge ( a few words of Irish) from time to time as well.

When: Every second Friday, starting from 31 January 2014

6-7 pm on the mainland
5-6 pm back home (Ireland!)

Where: Helsinki Radio 92.6 - press play

Be there - Seid ihr mit - Bígí ann!

“ Between the Jigs and the Reels” – what’s in a name?!

“ Between the jigs and the reels” is an expression in Irish-English to mean “ between one thing and another”.
However and also importantly - in Irish traditional music a ‘jig’ and a ‘reel’ are two types of dances. A jig has three beats in a bar. A reel has four beats in a bar.

Irish culture tip no.1 – the first of many!



Niamh Martin

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