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IndieRE EP 71 / Austrian Summer Grooves / with Donna Savage, Hias Ledger and many more

Sendetermin 20.08.2023 18:00 bis 19:00
J P H de

Welcome to episode 71 of the IndieRE project. This show is produced by Thomas Paier from Radio Helsinki in Graz, Austria. With summer in full swing, it’s the perfect time for festivals, live shows, and plenty of musical excitements. In this episode, we have a fantastic lineup for you. Get ready to groove to the newest and most intriguing tracks from the Austrian independent hip-hop and rap scene. We’ll also be exploring some exciting electronic music tracks – that are sure to get you moving. #VIBEscalation

So sit back, relax, and immerse yourself in the diverse sounds of independent artists. Let the music take you on a journey through different styles and emotions. You will hear music from Donna Savage, Sun People, BabyfaceRektor Bust, Huebl and Hias Ledger and many more …


18:00 - 18:55: IndieRE Broadcast - complete show
18:55 - 19:00: IndieRE Featured Song - one selected track


Donna Savage – Fingerprints (Wave Planet Records, 2023)
Donna Savage – Brenk Skit (Wave Planet Records, 2023)
Donna Savage – On Read (Wave Planet Records, 2023)
Sun People – Reconnect (Step-by-Step) (Nehza Records, 2023)
d:enigma, Pulp Kitchen – Quali (Grey Note, 2023)
Hias Ledger, Kitmet, Kalp one – Frechdachs (Pulverfass, 2023)
Hias Ledger, Flowbird – RapGPT (Pulverfass, 2023)
Hias Ledger – Tarobert Skit (Pulverfass, 2023)
Lucy Dreams – Emotional (Lucy Dreams, 2023)
PHIL1PP3, DBDNB – Buena Calidad (Homeboys Records, 2023)
PHIL1PP3, DBDNB – Papa (Homeboys Records, 2023)
Rektor Bust – Aber nicht gemeinsam (Bust Spleen, 2023)
Babyface – Sergio Tacchini (Ganoven Athletics, 2023)
Babyface – Gin & Juice (Ganoven Athletics, 2023)
Huebl – Got Soul in a Digital World (nine0nine, 2023)

Featured Song:

Hidden By The Grapes – Herz Geht Auf (Opus, Kruse Kontrol Digital, 2023)

This Featured Song was created by Lilly


Produced by Radio Helsinki, Austria. Prepared and announced by Thomas Paier. Co-founded by the European Union.

The 71th episode of IndieRE 2.0 will be broadcasts on these stations in the European Union: Radio Študent (SI), Radios Campus France, CORAX (DE), EMA RTV (ES), Dublin North East Communications Co-Operative Society Limited (IE) und Civil Rádiózásért Alapítvány (HU). In the mentioned states there will be much more broadcasts of this episode on other free radios.


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All shows are online as a podcast: Radio archive of the free radios Austria.



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