IndieRE 2.0

#56: Discovering the Spanish Indie and Underground Scene (Wh.)

Sendetermin 22.04.2023 09:00 bis 10:00
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Welcome to the 56th edition of INDIERE, your hosts for this Radio Show are Rafa Sánchez and Guillaume Buteau, together with technician Nuria González from Onda Local de Andalucía (EMA-RTV) in Sevilla, Spain. We will continue introducing more bands of the Spanish indie and underground scene from several and mixed music styles. The show stars with the pop band Kindata, then, the feminist rap of Machete en Boca andlater a wink to New Orleans with Hip Horns Brass Collective. Later, we interview Dani Bats, the leader of 13 Bats, a punkbilly band from Madrid, and go on in rock terms with the psychometal of Docka Pussel. At the end, latin music from Çantamarta and one of the biggest projects of Spanish underground, Callifato 3x4, an impossible mix between flamenco and electronic music.




  1. Kindata – Terrores nocturnos (3:24) (single) We are wolves (2023)

  2. Machete en la boca – Fucking power (2:34) (single) Bola 9 (2023)

  3. Hip Horns Brass Colective – Bistro (1:32) (Brassvillain) Say it loud Records (2022)

  4. Hip Horns Brass Colective – Brassvillain (7:23) (Brassvillain) Say it loud Records (2022)

  5. 13 Bats – Get out of my way (2:11) (Eating on my own brain) Subterfuge Records; KNOCK OUT Records; Nicky Santoro Music; Beatclap. (2023)

  6. 13 Bats – Eating on my own brain (3:05) (Eating on my own brain) Subterfuge Records; KNOCK OUT Records; Nicky Santoro Music; Beatclap.(2023)

  7. Docka Pusel – The wistar rats (4:01) (Underdogs) Lanzadera music (2023)

  8. Kindata – Verano eterno (2:50) (single) We are wolves (2023)

  9. Kindata – Flash (3:39) (single) We are wolves (2023)

  10. Çantamarta – El tumbao de los cocodrilos (3:38) (single) Casamaracas (2022)

  11. Çantamarta – Las balas (3:13) (single) Casamaracas (2022)

  12. Califato 3x4 – Zarzamore (2:37) (Lola) Breaking Bass Records (2023)

  13. Califato 3x4 – Ay Alvariño (4:27) (Lola) Breaking Bass Records (2023)


Produced by Rafa Sánchez and Sonia Morales with the help of Peter Ayllet; announced by Rafa Sánchez and Guillaume Buteau and sound mixing by Nuria González. 


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8 European community radios & networks will expand your musical horizon with a total of 88 broadcasts, presenting musical highlights of their respective independent scene & a unique song gets special attention with the “featured song” segment.

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