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#86: Diving Deep into Underground Sounds with Civil Radio Budapest

Sendetermin 18.11.2023 09:00 bis 10:00
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IndieRE #86 by Civil Radio, Budapest, Hungary

In the latest edition of the Indiere Radio Show, Ákos Cserháti and Dániel Kemény present a selection of deeper underground songs. The show starts with a big returning band, Meztelen diplomaták, and then we dive into the world of downtempo, jazz, alternative rock and a bit of hip-hop. For example, we cover the recent album by Jazzbois, introduce the Organika Sound project, which mixes genres very artfully, but also give you a little insight into the night in Budapest, where toldyuuso recently shot a video for his latest track with young up-and-coming artists. We also feature the latest album by Gorlo Volka and some returning artists, including some music from MAGIDOM's recent album. Listen to the selection on your favourite community radio stations!


    01. Meztelen Diplomaták - HANYATTDŐLÖK (3:48) - (Hanyattdőlök, self-released, 2023)
    02. MAGIDOM - MOSOM A KEZEIM (3:31) - (Esendő Halandó, self-released, 2023)
    03. Kolibri - KEIKO (7:33) - (KEIKO, Banana Records, 2023)
    04. Gorlo Volka - Csended (3:00) - (Titok, self-released, 2023)
    05. Anchorheart - PizzaBox (3:40) - (PizzaBox, self-released, 2023)
    06. Konyha - Én és a pezsgőm (2:51) - (Én és a pezsgőm, MMM Records, 2023)
    07. TOWPE - Bloomer (4:01) - (Bower of Bliss, self-released, 2023)
    08. Úrfi -Tsatsi (3:22) - (Tsatsi, self-released, 2023)
    09. toldyuuso - Oxytocin (ft. BÖBE, Blansch, ROSE MAY) (2:43) - (Oxytocin, YUU, 2023)
    10. Puzzls - Try to read between the lines (2:08) - (Try to read between the lines, self-released, 2023)
    11. Jazzbois - Creator (3:16) - (Higher Dimension Waiting Room, Blunt Shelter Records, 2023)
    12. Organika Sound - Amazona (Visualizer) (3:28) - (Amazona, self-released, 2023)
    13. Agavoid - Sötétben (4:01) - (Sötétben, PLUTO Sound, 2023)
    14. Lenkke_ - Gödör (3:34) - (Gödör/Szélnek eresztett, GrapefruitMoon Records, 2023)

Featured artists

Meztelen Diplomaták



Gorlo Volka




Úrfi -Tsatsi


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Organika Sound




Produced by Civil Radio from Budapest, Hungary
Prepared by Ákos Cserháti and Dániel Kemény


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