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#71: Austrian Summer Grooves

Sendetermin 02.08.2023 16:00 bis 16:55
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Welcome to episode 71 of the IndieRE broadcast. This show is produced by Thomas Paier from Radio Helsinki.

With summer in full swing, it's the perfect time for festivals, live shows, and plenty of musical excitements. In this episode, we have a fantastic lineup for you. Get ready to groove to the newest and most intriguing tracks from the Austrian independent hip-hop and rap scene. We'll also be exploring some exciting electronic music tracks - that are sure to get you moving. #VIBEscalation

So sit back, relax, and immerse yourself in the diverse sounds of independent artists. Let the music take you on a journey through different styles and emotions.

You will hear music from Donna Savage, Sun People, Babyface, Rektor Bust, Huebl and Hias Ledger and many more …


Donna Savage

Sun People

d:enigma, Pulp Kitchen / Grey Note Collective

Hias Ledger / Pulverfass

Lucy Dreams

Rektor Bust



Background Music during moderation
Lo-Fi Hip-Hop / Chillhop

1. Fingerprints – DONNA SAVAGE (19.05.2023 – Wave Planet Records)
2. Brenk Skit – DONNA SAVAGE (19.05.2023 – Wave Planet Records)
3. On Read – DONNA SAVAGE (19.05.2023 – Wave Planet Records)
4. Reconnect (Step-by-Step) – Sun People (28.04.2023 – Nehza Records)
5. Quali – d:enigma, Pulp Kitchen (16.06.2023 – Grey Note)
6. Frechdachs – Hias Ledger, Kitmet, Kalp one (16.06.2023 – Pulverfass)
7. RapGPT – Hias Ledger, FLOWBIRD (16.06.2023 – Pulverfass)
8. Tarobert Skit – Hias Ledger (16.06.2023 – Pulverfass)
9. Emotional – Lucy Dreams (07.04.2023 – Lucy Dreams)
10. Buena Calidad - PHIL1PP3, DBDNB (30.06.2023 – Homeboys Records)
11. Papa - PHIL1PP3, DBDNB (30.06.2023 – Homeboys Records)
12. Aber nicht gemeinsam – REKTOR BUST (30.06.2023 – Bust Spleen)
13. Sergio Tacchini – BABYFACE (06.07.2023 – Ganoven Athletics)
14. Gin & Juice – BABYFACE (20.07.2023 – Ganoven Athletics)
15. Got Soul in a Digital World – (23.06.2023 – nine0nine)


Information zur Sendereihe

IndieRE 2.0
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IndieRE 2.0 – Independent Radio Exchange – is an extension of the project of the same name between 2019 and 2022. The new project continues to promote local urban music at a wider European level and to strengthen the competences of cultural workers in the field of music. It aims to enhance the cross-border exchange of non-commercial and independent music and to promote various lesser-known genres of European music.

8 European community radios & networks will expand your musical horizon with a total of 88 broadcasts, presenting musical highlights of their respective independent scene & a unique song gets special attention with the “featured song” segment.

Listen up as our musical exchange around Europe will start in February & tune in and support your local subculture scene!

Until the new project-series starts we will listen back to some of the broadcasts of the former projects.


IndieRE 2.0 is a project by Radio Študent Ljubljana (SI), Radio Student Zagreb (HR), Radio Campus France, Radio CORAX (DE), EMA RTV (ES), Near FM Dublin (IE), Civil Rádiózásért Alapítvány (HU) and Radio Helsinki Graz (AT).


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