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Tony Renaissance - Ice Blue (Wh.)

Sendetermin 26.01.2023 12:30 bis 12:35
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Countdown to launch: Our highly-anticipated IndieRE project is set to begin next week! Radio Helsinki will be participating in this international, two-year long venture.
Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity - stay informed and >> catch up with us! <<


The editor’s choice for this week's featured songTONY RENAISSANCE with ICE BLUE.
Tony Renaissance's liquid emotional landscapes seduce the listener to pursue a queer and dynamic utopia! Tony sources from the glow of daydreams and melancholy pop alongside the collective, cosmic unconscious of cyberspace. A delight of the listener is gauging, wondrously, the precarious space between the pretend and the very serious. - (Sophie Strohmeier)


Our friends from O-Sounds at Radio Orange in Vienna invited Tony for a live session >> you can watch the whole session here!!


Picture: Videostill from the Live Session with Tony Renaissance at OSounds.


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IndieRE Featured Song
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IndieRE 2.0 – Independent Radio Exchange – is an extension of the project of the same name between 2019 and 2022. The new project continues to promote local urban music at a wider European level and to strengthen the competences of cultural workers in the field of music. It aims to enhance the cross-border exchange of non-commercial and independent music and to promote various lesser-known genres of European music.

8 European community radios & networks will expand your musical horizon with a total of 88 broadcasts, presenting musical highlights of their respective independent scene & a unique song gets special attention with the “featured song” segment.

Listen up as our musical exchange around Europe will start in February & tune in and support your local subculture scene!


IndieRE is a project by Radio Študent (SI), Radios Campus France, CORAX (DE), EMA RTV (ES), Dublin North East Communications Co-Operative Society Limited (IE), Civil Rádiózásért Alapítvány (HU) and Radio Helsinki (AT).


Funded by Creative Europe.



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