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#78: Blansch - Szobám

Sendetermin 21.09.2023 12:30 bis 12:35
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This week's edition of the featured song comes from our friends from Civil Radio in Hungary & the song was selected by Dániel Kemény. Sok kedves üdvözlettel Grazból!

Blansch started making music seriously during the coronavirus pandemic, but her first album was released only a few months ago, on the day of her graduation. The album is very diverse in genre and has deep messages in its lyrics. It deals with growing up, love, fears, frustration and of course the experience of freedom or the search for it. Blansch's songs clearly stand out from the Hungarian up-and-coming scene, so welcome her on the Indiere Radio Show!


Picture: (c) Blansch


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IndieRE Featured Song
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