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Democracy Now! 2011-10-11 Tuesday

Sendetermin 12.10.2011 07:00 bis 08:00
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Headlines for October 11, 2011; Occupy Wall Street Organizer: Protest Expands Despite Police Effort to "Silence" Demonstrators; Hip-Hop Artist Immortal Technique: No More Free Passes for Our Government; Colombian, Korean and Panamanian Activists Condemn White House Support for New "Free Trade" Deals; Iraq Veterans at Occupy Wall Street Decry Financial Crisis Soldiers Face Returning Home; Iraqi-American Musician Stephan Said Performs at Occupy Wall Street; Indigenous Groups at Occupy Wall Street Mark Columbus Day as Day of Mourning; Independent Media Stalwarts Katrina vanden Heuvel & Danny Schechter Speak Out at Occupy Wall Street; Dr. Gabor Maté at Occupy Wall Street Details Link Between Financial Crisis and Medical Illness; Jeff Sharlet: Occupy Wall Street Shows an "Incredible Display of Political Imagination"; With a Kitchen, Library, Medical Area, a Community Emerges at Wall Street Encampment; From Madrid to New York City: Spanish Protester Joins Occupy Wall Street Protest; Wall Street Trader Praises Occupy Wall Street: "This is a Real Democracy"; Civil Rights Pioneer, Olympic Medalist John Carlos & Sportswriter Dave Zirin at Occupy Wall Street

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