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Democracy Now! 2012-08-29 Wednesday

Sendetermin 30.08.2012 06:00 bis 08:00
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Headlines for August 29, 2012; RNC Launches with Tea Party's Ted Cruz, Ann Romney and a "We Built It" Theme Shaped by Karl Rove; Mitt & Ann Romney Cast Aside "Moderate" Record on Abortion, Social Issues in Appeal to Extremist GOP; Presidential Hopeful Rocky Anderson: Dems, GOP United in Stymying Third-Party Candidacies in U.S.; Despite Focus on Convention Floor, Major Decisions at RNC Made by Wealthy Donors Behind Closed Doors; Hurricane Isaac Makes Landfall in Louisiana, Threatening New Orleans With Heavy Flooding; Chaos on the Convention Floor as RNC Blocks Ron Paul Delegates, Alters Seating Rules; In Ascent to GOP's Top Ranks, "Money & Pandering" Leads Paul Ryan to Drop Opposition to Cuba Embargo

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