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Democracy Now! 2015-03-09 Monday

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Headlines for March 09, 2015; Voting Rights Remain Under Attack 50 Years After the Bloody Sunday March in Selma; 103-Year-Old Civil Rights Pioneer Joins Original Foot Soldiers, Jesse Jackson to Mark Bloody Sunday; "Struggle is a Never-Ending Process": MLK Daughter Bernice King on Selma March, Black Lives Matter; In Trip to Selma, Michael Brown's Mother Calls for Elimination of Ferguson Police Dept.; The Worst Supreme Court for Civil Rights Since 1857: Alabama's First Black Federal Judge Speaks Out; "Still Work to Be Done": Rep. John Lewis Returns to Selma 50 Years After He Was Beaten Unconscious; "The March Is Not Yet Over": President Obama Marks Bloody Sunday Anniversary in Selma; Civil Rights Pioneer Diane Nash: I Refused to March With George Bush During Selma Anniversary

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