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Democracy Now! 2015-10-29 Thursday

Sendetermin 30.10.2015 00:00 bis 01:00
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Headlines for October 29, 2015; "We're on the Verge of Picking Someone Who Can't Do the Job": Fraying GOP Holds 3rd Primary Debate; Flat Taxes, Ending Medicare-Medicaid, Banning All Abortions: Meet New GOP Front-Runner Ben Carson; Is Jeb Bush Finished? Establishment-Backed Dynasty Candidate Might Not Overcome Family Ties; "Donald Creates His Own Reality": David Cay Johnston on Trump Rewriting History at 3rd GOP Debate; John Nichols on Paul Ryan: The GOP's Best Actor Since Ronald Reagan; Do Black Lives Matter to GOP? Christie Slams Obama for Backing Movement Against Police Bias

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