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Democracy Now! 2015-10-30 Friday

Sendetermin 31.10.2015 00:00 bis 01:00
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Headlines for October 30, 2015; Russia's Entry into Syria Worsens Killings of Medical Workers on War's Front Lines; While Condemning Assad, U.S. Bombs Afghan Hospital & Backs Devastating Saudi War on Yemen; Freedom for Shaker Aamer: After 13 Years Behind Bars, British Prisoner Released from Guantánamo; We Won't Torture Anymore: APA Tells U.S. to Withdraw Psychologists from Nat. Sec. Interrogations; "How the Other Half Banks": Author Says America's Two-Tiered Banking System is a Threat to Democracy; Resolved: Debate Win for Inmates Against Harvard Shows Benefits of Higher Education Behind Bars

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