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Democracy Now! 2016-12-06 Tuesday

Sendetermin 07.12.2016 00:00 bis 01:00
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Headlines for December 06, 2016; Noam Chomsky: Trump's Victory Recalls Memories of Hitler & Fascism's Spread Across Europe; Noam Chomsky: Trump's Climate Change Denialism Will Accelerate Global Race to Destruction; From Climate Change to Nuclear War, Noam Chomsky Warns of Literal Threats to Our Survival; "Welcome to the Fourth Reich": Legendary Actor Harry Belafonte on the Election of Donald Trump; Harry Belafonte to President Obama: Free Native Activist Leonard Peltier Now; Actor & Activist Danny Glover: We Must Organize in the Spirit of Martin Luther King Jr.; Juan González on 20 Years of Democracy Now! & Keeping Dissident Alternative News Alive; Patti Smith Dedicates Song to Oakland Fire Victims & Young People Who Died on Frontlines of Struggle

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