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Democracy Now! 2016-04-06 Wednesday

Sendetermin 07.04.2016 00:00 bis 01:00
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Headlines for April 06, 2016; "A Victory for the Underdogs": Sanders & Cruz Win Big in Wisconsin as Front-Runners Stumble; Van Jones: New York Primary is "War to Settle the Score" Between Bernie Sanders & Hillary Clinton; Van Jones Says "Volcano of White Rage" Propping Up "Dangerous" Trump Candidacy; Juan González Was at Bernie Sanders' NY Daily News Editorial Board Meeting. What Really Happened?; In Shock to Wall Street & Washington, Puerto Rico Moves to Suspend Payments on $72B Public Debt; Special Report: Voices from Puerto Rico's Students Leading an Anti-Austerity Movement; Iceland's Pirate Party Gains Popularity After Prime Minister Walks the Plank over "Panama Papers"

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