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Democracy Now! 2016-07-21 Thursday

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Headlines for July 21, 2016; "Grandiosity and Misogyny": Jeff Sharlet on "Common Thread" Between Mike Pence & Donald Trump; The Odd Couple: While Trump Openly Cheated on Ex-Wife, Pence Called for Criminalizing Adultery; Have You Seen George W. Bush? John Kasich? John McCain? Looking for the GOP No-Shows at the RNC; Activists Block RNC Entrance With Mock Border Wall So Trump's Hate "Won't Reach Our Communities"; Did Donald Trump Pick Mike Pence to Appease the Koch Brothers & the Religious Right?; Make America Straight Again? A Debate on What Could Be the Most Anti-LGBT Republican Platform Ever; As the Number of Black GOP Delegates Falls to Historic Low, Meet a Few of the Only Ones Left; Pastor on Tamir Rice Shooting: Ohio is an Open-Carry State Except If You're an African-American Male

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