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Poetry Cafe: Emily Dickinson (Wh.)

Sendetermin 07.07.2017 11:00 bis 12:00
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Listen and celebrate summer with Emily Dickinson's poetry!

Texts read & Music played:
1. Robert Schumann: Humoresque
2. Emily Dickinson: I dwell in possibility
3. A curious Cloud surprised the Sky
4. Eduard Grieg: Morning Mood, from Peer Gynt, Suite no.1
5. The Day came slow – till Five o’clock
6. Will there really be a ‚Morning‘?
7. Frederic Chopin: Prelude op.28, no.15 (‚Raindrop Prelude‘)
8. A Drop fell on the Apple Tree
9. A soft Sea washed around the House
10. A something in a summer’s Day
11. Edward Macdowell: To a Wild Rose, from Woodland Sketches, op.51
12. As Summer into Autumn Slips
13. The morns are meeker than they were
14. George Whitfield Chadwick: String Quartet no.4 (1st movement)
15. I’ll tell you how the sun rose
16. This is the land the sunset washes
17. Samuel Barber: Adagio for Strings, op.11
18. I never lost as much but twice
19. Because I could not stop for Death
20. If I should die
21. I felt a funeral in my brain
22. Antonin Dvorak: String Quartet no. 12, op.96   (‚The American‘), 1st. movement
23. Emily Bronte: No Coward Soul is Mine
24. Giacomo Puccini: Crisantemi
25. Samuel Barber: Violin Concerto, op.14, 1st. movement: Allegro

Poetry Cafe #61 (Sandra and Andrew Milne-Skinner, Radio Freirad)

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