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Democracy Now! 2017-02-15 Wednesday

Sendetermin 16.02.2017 00:00 bis 01:00
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Headlines for February 15, 2017; What Did Trump Know & When Did He Know It? White House in Crisis over Flynn & Russia Scandals; Trump & Spicer Blame Russia Scandal on "Illegal Leaks" Rather Than Lies by Senior Officials; Rep. Lieu on Kellyanne Conway: White House Should Not Be Used for Enriching the President's Family; Rep. Lieu: The White House Lying & Stifling Dissent on Yemen Raid is Step Toward Authoritarianism; Rep. Ted Lieu to Introduce Bill Requiring a Psychiatrist in White House; Trump Security Protocols Questioned: Mar-a-Lago Resort is Not the White House Situation Room; The Stephen Miller Story: From Pestering Latino Students in High School to Drafting Muslim Ban

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