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Solecast: Insights From The Implosion of The Traditionalist Workers Party w/ Chris of Unicorn Riot

Sendetermin 02.05.2018 14:00 bis 15:00
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"An in-depth discussion w/ Chris of Unicorn Riot about what was uncovered in a treasure trove of internal communications on Discord servers that Unicorn Riot leaked. The Unicorn Riot report details a year of the inner workers of one of the most visible & violent neo-nazi groups in the US.  

In this interview we talk about:

- The ways white supremacists/neo nazis organize and recruit
- Troubling discussions about white sharia, fondness for mass killers like Dylan Roof, and open discussions of violent acts.
- Members of the TWP openly collaborating with the Atomwaffen Division, a NEO Nazi group that openly promotes acts of "terror."
- How groups like TWP are using leftist rhetoric to appeal to the "white working class"
- TWP is a FEC recognized political party, and their legal support of William Planer, (a white supremacist who allegedly stabbed anti-fascists in Sacramento) possibly constitutes a legal breach.
- How the group was brought down by a strange love triangle
- Who these people are, what they believe and why people like them can not be ignored"


This epsiode was edited for length. Listen to the entire episode here.

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