Beeps, boops, and beats

Sendetermin 06.03.2018 15:00 bis 16:00

Free-form music show focusing on experimental, dance, and noise music from lesser-known and marginalized artists. There will be some talk about where the artist is coming from, their contributions to the field of experimental music, and any kind of political message behind the music. Some shows may focus on the politics of club music and cultures, such as the detroit techno scene, chicago house music scene, and queer club culture as a safe space for POC, queer, and
female-identifying peoples.

Sample Artists: Rrose, Erika, Frankie Knuckles, Laurie Spiegel, C. Lavender, Pauline Oliveros, Drexciya, Motiv-A, ex-continent, Unicorn, Hard-on, Aurora Halal, Powder, Ewa Justka, and Ciarra Black.



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