Pandemic ER: Notes From A Nurse In Queens [c/o Transom]

Sendetermin 06.04.2020 11:00 bis 12:00
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From Transom’s Samantha Broun: Kate O’Connell is a radio producer who studied at our nine-week Story Workshop in Woods Hole. She’s also a nurse in an emergency room at a hospital in Queens, NY.

When the coronavirus pandemic began to explode in the U.S. and especially in New York City, I reached out to Kate to see how she was and how things were at work.

The email she sent was so honest and revealing that we asked if she might want to record it. And we asked if she might want to keep sending us audio letters so that we can hear what’s happening at one of the centers of the outbreak.

We’ll post updates as frequently as we get them. They’ll also be made available via our podcast. Listen.

Kate O'Connell - "Pandemic ER: Notes From A Nurse In Queens"

[ The Work Of Breathing ]


Elbow - New York Morning


[ I Will Hear You ]


Blue Oyster Cult – Then Came the Last Days of May


[ A Tsunami Is Coming ]


Gil Scott-Heron - Work For Peace


[ The Weight Of Now ]


Kid Kopphausen - Das Leichteste der Welt

Kate is an RN in an emergency department in Queens, NY. Making radio stories and nursing share some major parallels: gentle coaxing to get strangers to open up and talk, and very intense listening to what they have to say. She looks forward to making radio illuminating factors and conditions that affect people's healthcare and the American system of healthcare delivery, as well as creating some wild and woolly ear carnivals. You can find Kate's work on PRX and here for WHYY. Kate is also a member of AIR.


Original illustrations by Carla Kihlstedt. Photo Credits Transom.org






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