Peter Linebaugh on the Long History of Pandemics [c/o Against the Grain]

Sendetermin 16.04.2020 19:00 bis 20:00
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There are many ways that the crisis brought about by the coronavirus is exceptional.  But as Peter Linebaugh reminds us, pandemics throughout history have been met both by attempts by elites to extend their domination and the people’s attempts to resist while surviving.  The noted historian weighs in plagues, from antiquity to Covid 19.

Resources: Peter Linebaugh, “Lizard Talk; Or, Ten Plagues and Another: An Historical Reprise in Celebration of the Anniversary of Boston ACT UP

Eine Sendungsübernahmen von KPFA-Berkeley "Against the Grain". Sasha Lilley im Gespräch mit dem Historiker Peter Linebough.

Foto: Against the Grain, KPFA

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