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Her Stories

Sendetermin 12.03.2020 08:00 bis 09:00
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The Erasmus+-project “Her Stories” aims to empower and give a voice to women in Europe with refugee or migrant experience. The aim of the “Her Stories Project” is to encourage social interaction between diverse groups of people, using stories as “bridges” between groups. Moreover, it will develop applied methods of working with women for their empowerment and integration in a responsible and sensitive way. The project will benefit from an international team in exploring and reflecting upon the social position of migrant/refugee women and in comparing their situation in different countries.

Project-Output: The book Her Stories

The book Her Stories takes us through seven personal stories of inspiring women. Women, who were forced to leave their homes for different reasons and have created a new life for themselves, here, among us.

At first sight one might say that migrant and/or refugee experience is common to all of them. And that is just what the society would usually say about them. By creating this publication in the framework of Her Stories project we tried to provide women with refugee and/or migrant experience the opportunity to be heard, to be able to present all their (un)usual characteristics, which make them human. Listening to the women speak about themselves we can see they have a lot more in common. With each other and with us.

You can download the book: https://drive.google.com/file/d/13Ts7fwiks_PO17to-BuFhB0XBxGDi88U/view

Guests: Heather Saenz and Homa Bazafkan, participated at the project.

Moderation: Tania Napravnik, ebd.

Music: Akkordeon Festival 2020

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Women on Air present: Globale Dialoge
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