What's the matter

Child’s welfare

Sendetermin 29.02.2020 19:00 bis 20:00
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Listen to my interview with Dr.in Vasiliki Argyropuolos, Media coordinator for the Jugendamt der Stadt Graz. We talked about childrens welfare and reasons, why they intervene in families.
Train up your child in the way they should grow, when he or she is old they will not forget it. So parents be careful of what you do, what you say around your kids to avoid social workers!

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What's the matter
Favours talkshow about life

This is a talkshow that concerns practical life, women, children, and what goes on in our Community. My show is all about bringing awareness to our people. I will be dealing with topics like violence in the home, child upbringing, Gender etc.

Archive of the show: https://cba.media/podcast/whats-the-matter

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