Radio VC Mytilene

Your eyes and ears on Lesbos

Sonntag, zweiwöchentlich, 11:00 - 12:00
Dienstag, zweiwöchentlich, 19:00 - 20:00

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Voices of Mytilene is a project run by people from different backgrounds. Our aim is to empower people so that they can use our space and equipment to express themselves on the Island of Lesbos.

We intend to create a community that tries to facilitate different dialogues and provides perspectives from different communities regarding politics, economics, social and cultural life. In order to achieve this, we want to empower people from a variety of backgrounds to learn the skills that they need to set goals and to achieve them on their own terms. We are open two days a week for interested people or groups to come visit us to get information, trainings or just to hang out.

Radio VC Mytilene ist die Sendung aus Lesbos des Projekts Re:fiction Radio.
Radio Re:volt ist die Grazer Sendung von Re:fiction Radio.
Die Vorläufersendung dieser beiden Sendungen (2020-2022) war Snapshots from the Borders.

Redaktion: Radio VC Mytilene-Redaktion


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