impulsradio #1

Sendetermin 19.07.2023 15:00 bis 16:00
Unmoderiertes Musikprogramm

This is the first episode of a mini series accompanying the impuls academy. impuls is a biennial event featuring masterclasses and concerts by young composers and performers of contemporary and experimental music from all over the world. impuls takes place from 23. July to August 4rd at Kunstuni Graz and various locations in the city.We did a special call for contributions amonst the impuls community and here we present you a fresh selection of new and unheard music by young musicians and composers from Iran, the UK, USA, France and Turkey.


John Aulich - billows of muteness

Kimia Kochakzadeh-Yazdi - Yazdi Marsbar x Klub

Niki Zhodi - De Rerum Naturis

Sarah Grace Graves - embrace

Elnaz Seyedi - Fragmente einer Erinnerung

Anne Castex - Automate I

Arda Bayram - Package and Message

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Zeitgenössische Kompositionsmusik


In Kooperation mit dem impuls Festival Graz.


Margarethe Maierhofer-Lischka

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