16 Tage gegen Gewalt an Frauen und Mädchen

Eliminate VAWG - Moving to the Philippines & Zimbabwe

Sendetermin 03.12.2023 15:00 bis 16:00
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15:00 Gwendolyn Gay L. Gaongen, Philippines, Station Manager Radyo Sagada, Cordillera

Gwen is the station manager of the Radyo Sagada. The station has been on air since 2011 and Gwen has been on of the radio team since then. Conceptualized in 2003, it only went on air in an experimental mode in 2010 and for real in 2011. It is the Philippines’ only indigenous peoples’ radio located in the mountain province, the Condillera, in the north of the main Luzon island.

The station came into existence on the initiative of a progressive former mayor and a community elder. They called on the civil society organisations of the area. Women have had an important role in the station from the onset, where Women and peasants have been prioritized also in the board of the station with each two seats, whereas other sector are represented by only one seat. The reason to create the station was to ensure dialogue and debate among the communities of the area – and thereby development.

In the podcast Gwen unfolds how this all has developed since. Gwen talks about the how the dangerous situation for journalists in the Philippines including red-tagging influences Radyo Sagada.

15:34 Catherine Vhutuza, Vemuganga Community Radio, Chipinge, Zimbabwe

Catherine Vhutuza is a broadcaster in the Ndau-speaking Vemuganga community radio in Chipinge. Catherine focused on strengthening the voice and rights of women including in areas of land rights and violence against women.

Vemuganga Community Radio Vemuganga Community Radio (VCR) is a registered Trust established to heighten the creation of a reliable and direct platform for the people of Zimbabwe and in particular the Ndau speaking people of Chipinge in Manicaland to enter into dialogue and analytical discussion among themselves and decide for themselves on changes that affect their lives so that they become active in implementing them. The stimulus has been to create a stage for sharing, researching and disseminating information that promote the integration and social cohesion that cultivates sustainable community development through the promotion of Ndau language, culture, norms and values. The initiative was registered as a Trust in 2012(MA373/12) before it was awarded an operating licence by the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ) in November 2021.

The vision of the initiative: A self – believing community that actively participates in the dissemination and preservation of socio-economic and cultural knowledge from its surroundings.

The Mission of the initiative: A non-profit and inclusive community platform that exists to collect, share and broadcast information that promotes sustainable development in Chipinge and ensure people’s right to information and community participation by expressing the voice and thoughts of grassroots people in the development process.

Vemuganga Community Radio and Geographical Area Vemuganga Community Radio Initiative is licenced to cover Checheche, Chibuwe and Chipinge urban where it is covering 22 wards of Chipinge with an approximately 50 000 households and a population of 212 980. It aims to enrich the livelihood of the Ndau people, through the content that is created by the people and for the people of the Ndau community.


Two re-broadcasts of Women on the Airwaves by EMPOWERHOUSE, Denmark.

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16 Tage gegen Gewalt an Frauen und Mädchen
Ein Sendeschwerpunkt auf Radio Helsinki

16 Tage lang sendet Radio Helsinki ein Schwerpunktprogramm. Vom 25. November, dem Tag gegen Gewalt an Frauen*, bis zum 10. Dezember, dem Tag der Menschenrechte, gibt es Themensendungen auf 92.6 MHZ und im Livestream.

Das Schwerpunktprogramm im Überblick: https://helsinki.at/news/16-tage-2023

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