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show 754 – Arquivodu by Nuno Pinto and the Hypnotists (Radio Zero)

Sendung am 13.09.2019 14:30 bis 15:00
U K Ex


“The object of opening the mind, as of opening the mouth, is to shut it again on something solid” once said  G. K. Chesterton. Language can be described often both as “flower of the mouth” or a deadly virus, evil and menacing. As it stutters through an array of physical and material manifestations, sooner or later, it will sweetly or not progressively enact a strong invisble poison which lays and sediments not only on meaning as on secretions: saliva spit burp, they leave a trace on the air, they come through it. James 3.10: “From the same mouth come blessing and cursing. My brothers, these things ought not to be so.” If you run across an archive of a recorded voice, and indulge in remaining there for a while, you come to believe the traces, the dejects, the excreta, are not actually a bag of meaningful prayers but a sort of deranged anisotropic which possess you in the end.
As Michaux put it clearly: “One of the things you can do: exorcism.” 


Nuno Pinto é performer , actor, músico patafisico e afins. O seu trabalho é uma reflexão sobre a voz e a linguagem. Esbatem se as fronteiras entre linguagem enquanto expressão de presença e linguagem enquanto material de fala prefabricado. A voz é tratada segundo padrões formais musicais ou arquitectónicos – repetição, distorção, sobreposição, ruído, grito – para uma música de várias línguas, transformando o acto da fala em acontecimento, em situação, em corpo falante. “


The Hypnotists, formerly known as the “Tropical Eskimos”, “Burning Theremins” or even DJ Banzé for afro matinees south of Atlas, developed a passion for conceiving and transmitting radio shows on extreme landscapes. As a collective, which never actually met, they engaged on nomad farming but taking each weekend to devise short wave antennas for the needy, plant old radios on backyards and nearby woods. They also work as ghost-writers for motivational and self help books of several sound artists.

show 754 was demixed and produced by Paulo Raposo. plus castagnets.



Internationale Radiokunst zum Selbsthineinhören

"radio radia" ist eine Radiokunstsendung, in der wöchentlich internationale Radiokunst zu hören ist. Die 30-minütigen Sendungen werden hierbei vom internationalen Radiokunstnetzwerk "Radia", dem auch Radio Helsinki angehört und bei dem internationale Radiostationen in den USA, Kanada, GB, Italien, Deutschland, etc. abwechselnd für einander Radiokunst produzieren, zur Verfügung gestellt.



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