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Show 766: The Story Of Alvarenga by Lucija Gregor for Radio Worm/Klangendum

Sendung am 13.12.2019 14:30 bis 15:00
U K Ex


Show 766: The Story Of Alvarenga by Lucija Gregor for Radio Worm/Klangendum

I based the idea on a very personal “return to self” which was symbolically but also quite literally connected to the sea as a place of my childhood, fascination with its sonic qualities and colour. This radio piece is imagined as a personal search to reconnect again to a place that for me feels like home (a physical place and a mind space). That is how the story of Salvador Alvarenga, the sea wonderer who was lost at sea for 14 months served as a leading plot to underline my own personal wondering.

Lucija Gregov is a cellist, improviser and a liquid artist who creates and explores new sonic landscapes using cello, analogue synthesizers and processed field recordings. Her visceral approach to improvisation proposes a radically different way of creating, co-creating, thinking and performing in and about current sonic dynamic. Following indicators of flow, experimentation, investigation of unexplored physical and spiritual spaces, she enables emergence of practice and sound materials that are open-ended and continuously transformative. The sonic language she creates in her solo and collaborative performances comes close to what could be called a lang uage of memory and dreams.

Produced by Worm/Klangendum 2019

for Radia/Concertzender

Composed and written by Lucija Gregov


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