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#47: Radio Helsinki's showcase of Austria's exceptional alternative scene (Wh.)

Sendetermin 18.02.2023 09:00 bis 10:00
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Greetings from Radio Helsinki in Graz, Austria!

For our first edition of IndieRE we would like to present the Cream of the Crop of the local subculture and independent music scene.

We kick things off with a bang:

→ Catastrophy and EAT THE RICH

» Demo on Bandcamp:
» Catastrophy on Insta:

Catastrophy released their Demo EP in December of 2022.

+ Greeting from Ivana from KOMIKAZE from Zagreb – uuuuuuah!


Speaking of Hardcore:

→ DEATHDEATHDEATH featuring Nichi Mlebom with You Play in Hardcore Bands I Don’t Have Any Friends

» Single on Bandcamp:

+ Greeting from Marc to Germany


DeathDeathDeath is the Vienna-based multimedia artist Fazo and his unique style is marked by dark tape sound discoveries and nourishing vocal features – both comforting familiar and hautingly strange.


NICHI MLEBOM hails from Austria and now lives in Brno, Czech Rebublic, where he creates dreamy dream-pop music with his band of the same name.



From Nichi, it is just a short step to the next act we would like to highlight:

Leo, as an illustrator, designed a beautiful concert poster for a Nichi Mlebom show in Graz and she plays Hypnotically mesmerizing music under the name THE ZEW.

Album 1FI1FO on Bandcamp:


→ The Zew – Yet

→ The Zew – Itchy Feet

The ZEW released her debut album 1FI1FO in October 22 and we were lucky enough to invite her to play her cyborg folk songs at a Livesession at Radio Helsinki Funkhaus in November of the same year.

→ The Zew – Come on Down

» Musicvideo for Come on Down:

→ The Collector

» Musicvideo for The Collector:

+ Tünde is sending greetings to Hungary!

+ Mirza says HI in BKS!


Compilation „Re:Composed – Worker’s Songs & Songs about Women’s Rights and Struggles“ (Arbeiter*innen-Lieder und Songs zu feministischen Kämpfen)

Re:Composed II features the theme of labor, as issues related to women and the labor market are playing an important role in shaping the discourse on equality in today’s context.

We hear the Song „Kündigung“ from Austrian based Artist FARCE from the Compilation, released in summer of 2022.

FARCE is an artist based in Vienna, who dances between shoegaze, noise pop and the genre designation she chose for herself: „Crying at the Discoteque“

In the song she expresses her excitement about her dismissal from work and explains that this will create new job opportunities in the labor market.

-> Farce – Kündigung

Song on Youtube:


Now we are moving on to another band with socially critical content: JAYDEN

The lo-Fi indie band made big impression with their debut album MORALS, released in Summer of 22. The 12-track LP boasts a melancholic sound reminiscent of 90s indie or emo musics, but their sound also takes a sharp turn with electrifying lo-fi punk outburts. The band's lyrics reflect their doubts about the morality and the impact it has on their lives, Jayden provides the soundtrack to tackle these complex contradictions with a cautious political attitude.

Here an interview with singer Michi and guitarist Thomas from Jayden, talking about the music scene in Graz and Austria, their musical style and the themes of their songs.

Jayden on Insta:
Morals on Bandcamp:

Jayden – Sleet

→ Jayden – Panama

→ Jayden – Joch

Thomas, Jayden’s guitarist, is talking about of his favourite hardcore bands from Graz – Red Gaze! Markus of Red Gaze is happy to call Jayde his favourite Emo-Bands in Graz and we will feature one song of Red Gaze’s latest release, Healing Games, from April of 2022.

→ Red Gaze – Frigid Zone

Healing Games on Bandcamp:
Red Gaze on Insta:

→ Jayden – Structures

 Jayden were talking about a specific place in Graz, the SUb – a DIY concert venue that hosts many bands in the DIY/Hardcore/Punk-Genre but also has lots of Clubnights with local electronic DJs.

» Sub on Insta:

+ Tamara Greetings en Espanol


Last week it was raining outside and as I was looking out the windows at Radio Helsinki Funkhaus and listening to some music a song got stuck in my head and I want to share this sweetsweet memory with you – this is Skin by Sakura.

→ Sakura – Skin

Sakura is a Vienna based artist who released her album „Skin“ in September of 2022. Sakurta

Sakura creates dreamy, distorted soundscapes inspired by 90s alternative 80's synth pop and 70's folk music. Born in Hong Kong and raised in London, she now resides in Vienna and writes music that is both hard-hitting and fragile. Her lyrics, which range from social and political topics to love and heartbreak, are written with a raw, emotional honesty.

+ Paul grüsst Radio Campus Paris / Frankreich


The last act for Radio Helsinki’s edition of IndieRE is Graz based musician Paul&Pets, who will tell us a little bit about his debut tape DOMASTIC MONASTIC, released on Catgold Records in summer of 22, a lovely duett he did with Vienna based artists Monsterheart and he will also share some insights in Austria’s music scene.

Paul&Pets on Insta:

Domastic Monestic on Bandcamp:

→ Paul & Pets – You Got Me

→ Paul & Pets – One Man Show

» nice video for the song here:

 → Monsterheart ft. Paul & Pets – Easy Fix

Monsterheart on Insta:

Monsterheart on Bandcamp:

Song „Easy Fix“ on Bandcamp:

+ Paul for Near FM / Irland

→ Paul & Pets – I’m always here
» Cover from the Baywatch Theme-Song with a lovely musicvideo, shot in an empty pool in Graz:


Today’s edition was brought to you by Radio Helsinki, deinem freien Radio in Graz, Austria, with your host Lilly and I would like to thank you for listening!

I hope you enjoyed our take on Austria’s diverse and thriving music scene and I hope that you support your local subculture communites whereever you are.


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