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#96: Renacimiento del Año - Celebrating the Sounds of Andalusia

Sendetermin 24.01.2024 16:00 bis 16:55
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Welcome to the 96thedition of INDIERE, your hosts for this Radio Show are Sonia Morales and Rafa Sánchez together with technician Nuria González from Onda Local de Andalucía (EMA-RTV) in Spain. In this first edition of the year, our radio show showcases some of the newest bands on the Spanish underground scene. New year, new blood.

We start with El Clan del Sur and their fusion of styles (electric-ska-rap) and then bring the latest single by Dejotamodo, MC of the Hermanos Bastardos crew. We also talk about the solo debut of Alonso, leader of the band Napoleón Solo, who hits the road with the song ‘Soy un humano’ (I'm a human).

On this occasion, we interview the young Sevillian artist Celia's Sensitive. She talks to us about her career, her particular vision of music and her future projects. And to round off the talk, we present an exclusive unreleased song that will be part of her future EP.

Our cocktail shaker also brings rock with a sixties feel thanks to the music of Santa Fe and a touch of darkness with the new wave sound of Crisisgrado. We'll shake these ingredients well to prepare ourselves for the decibel rise of the show’s ending.

The grand finale consists of the guitar-driven post-grunge of Hell of a Mind, the ironic alternative rock of Amiga 500, the post-hardcore of Cuerda Huida... and the party of madness proposed by the industrial metal of Soulbreak. A thunderous finale to get us ready for the year ahead.



El Clan del Sur – Saber envejecer (3:09) Proyecto Skacharrao EP, self-published (2023)
Hermanos Bastardos  – Guitarras callejeras (3:36) Single, self-published (2023)
Alonso – Soy un humano (4:49) Single, Casa Maracas (2023)
Celia’s Sensitive – I wonder (3:18) Single, self-published (2023)
Celia’s Sensitive – When I miss you (3:51) Unpublishing song (2023)
Crisisgrado – Pinares mojados (04:23) Single, self-published (2023)
Santa Fe – Blue house (02:59) Blue House  EP, self-published (2023)
Santa Fe – Ms. Clara (3:21) Blue House  EP, self-published (2023)
Hell of a Mind – Elephant in the room (3:34) Lost temper LP, self-published (2023)
Amiga 500 – Marty McFly (3:55) Ahora soy una estrella EP, self-published (2023)
Cuerda Huida – No seré (03:45) Cuerda Huida Mini LP, Andalucía Über Alles (2023)
Soulbreak - The party of madness (4:08) Single, self-published (2023)


Onda Local de Andalucía (EMA-RTV) (, Spain
Produced and announced by Sonia Morales and Rafa Sánchez; sound mixing by Nuria González.

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